Why menstrual hygiene management is a challenge to women and girls?

Simply because Women and Girls may lack access to adequate Supplies or materials,(cloths,Pads,underwear) to manage menstruation.

The importance of menstrual hygiene management

SDG3 on improving the Physical health and Psychosocial wellbeing for Women and Girls, SDG4 on providing quality education for girls...

With support from amplifychange

Together We Can Foundation has celebrated the Global Menstrual Hygiene Day

With support from African women's development fund ,
and in collaboration with different stakeholders
including government agencies.

Together We Can Foundation has built the Capacity of Selected Women and Girls to lead
the Campaign to address Sexual Violence against Women and Girls( SVAWG).

Engaging community leaders and members on sexual violence prevention strategies

Undertaking intensive Community educational campaigns on Violence against Women and Girls
and Raising Awareness on the Violence against Women' law in DRC.

Gender based violence prevention

Early child and Forced exacerbates Africa's HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Spreading

Empowering youth for effective change

Public meetings to discuss effects of Child early and Forced marriage within rural communities.

Women in public works

Women through capacity building and promoting voluntary saving and recognizing the role of grass roots savings and credit cooperative societies (SACCO'S)

We rely on gender transformative approach with comprehensive sexuality education and gender equality programs

This approach includes boys and men for the formation of equitable gender norms and the reduction of negative attitudes towards early marriage of children and early unions. Also addressing sexuality education in our campaigns against child marriages

We adopted key strategies including rights – based and women-centered approach for public education

Through this approach our projects provide rights-based skills to marginalized girls and women by referring to the national and international laws protecting Women and Children and putting a Girl Child at the Top.

Prevention of gender based violence through art

This Approach is taking into consideration the linkages of the social ecology problem (i.e. family, community and societal barriers), including structural and legal barriers, traditional, harmful norms and cultural expectations.

We have created child protection committees in schools to continuously addressing issues associated with gender based violence

We provide skills with girls to build and strengthen their leadership capacity for long-term social changeS

Our Commitment

Together We Can Foundation was founded in 2012 by a dedicated group of multicultural lawyers and physicians living in Northern and Southern KIVU of Democratic Republic of Congo, and Then initiative was expanded in ITURI Province of Democratic Republic of Congo.

This entire group of professionals in health and rights was united by a shared commitment to improve the health and living conditions of marginalized women and girls.

Vision: Inspiring the step forward in the way the society treats women and girls and achieving a pressing and longstanding change in their lives

Mission: Working towards the women’s empowerment and to end health rights Violationof female human beings in East Africa to raise them to a gradewhere they can deliberately and impartially adore their health, rights and development irrespective of their backgrounds.

Our Partners