It is a program that provides technical assistance and training to local and Civil Societal Organizations in the Countries of Great Lakes. It transfers knowledge in an innovative way and strengthen the start-up Community Based Organizations for their growth based on their needs.

The entire Organization promote other organization management to meet the general standards of quality in their project delivery, and personal development of staff under our network through training programs, inviting external experts to train on various programs ,Project management and Organizational management including governance, financial and human resources management, Policy and procedures development . We have managed to set a platform for them to make research basing on their choices. We have a monthly Continuous Professional Education program where power point programs play an important role in personal development. We have monthly planned inter-organization learning trips to promote and support their exposure and exploration.

We create growth plans for each member or groups depending on areas of interest, e.g. justice, health, talent promotion etc. and also provide internal platform and external mediums to support development.

We Build Capacity of Small, grass-root Community Based organizations to enable them delivering their intended positive plans.