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NOVEL CORONA VIRUS(COVID-19) WITH ONGOING HUMANITARIAN CRISIS IN ITURI PROVINCE, EASTERN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO IS A DOUBLE BURDEN Together We Can Foundation is committed to brings its efforts in responding to the COVID-19 Global pandemic. Together We Can Foundation (TWCF) is also committed to raise community awareness on the importance of power sharing between Men and Women and between Boys and Girls in their challenges to enjoy happy and healthy lives and to change the contexts in which they live, learn, work and raise families. We equip Vulnerable Women and Girls with relevant skills, so that they develop positive attitudes and values, promoting different talents and get empowered with relevant skills for life. We are committed to end VAW (Violence against Women and Girls) by raising awareness about social norms hindering Gender Equality, and laws Protecting women and girls.


Gender Equality Approach

At Together We Can Foundation, we make sure and assess continuously how tasks and jobs are distributed to women comparatively to men and to type of work, and ho...

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