Gender Equality Approach

At Together We Can Foundation, we make sure and assess continuously how tasks and jobs are distributed to women comparatively to men and to type of work, and how expected impacts address issues related to gender equality to advance women's equal participation, and support women and girls in the realization of their full human rights and reduce gender inequalities around the access to and control over the resources and benefits of development. As a women-led organization, the team respects various senior women’s positions and their managerial decisions for our successful performance.


  • Andrea Ogutogullari

    In deciding where to set up programmes, an NGO has to invest their own money on security analysis, whereas if we outsource this to an entity like TWCF it is much more cost effectiv

    Jean Bosco Michael

    One important element TWCF offers is the weekly meetings where everyone presents their information and analysis. It is reserved for who know each other and respect the confidentia